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Imagine a sophisticated meeting space, away from the show floor's frenzy, designed for deeper engagement and personalized product presentations in a serene environment.

Unlike the conventional booth setup, the Tech Den is a sophisticated meeting space, located away from the main show floor's hustle and bustle, offering a serene environment for deeper engagement and personalized product presentations.


North Hall, 2nd floor

Meeting Room: N201LMR

April 14 - 17

10am to 6pm


Pixotope NAB Guest Pass Code


Quality Conversations

Personalized Interactions

At the Pixotope Tech Den, every visit is an exclusive invitation to explore the future of technology.

We prioritize quality conversations over quantity, ensuring each interaction is tailored to your specific needs and questions.

Our demo stations are more than displays; they're interactive platforms for hands-on exploration of our latest innovations.

Our expert guides will be there to delve into the technical aspects and potential applications that matter most to you.


WHY tech den?

Building Meaningful Connections

We believe in creating meaningful connections with our customers.

This exclusive setting allows us to present new technology previews not just as demonstrations, but as immersive experiences.

It's a place where you can discuss, inquire, and envision how our upcoming solutions can transform your projects and workflows.




Join us at the Pixotope Tech Den, where conversations spark innovation, and exclusive previews transform into personalized insights.

It's more than a meeting room; it's your gateway to the future of technology, reserved just for you.




Groundbreaking tech that can be seen in the Pixotope Tech Den includes:


3D Living Photo

3D Living Photo

No more old, static 2D visuals of talents or over-complicated and expensive 3D scan rigs - transform transform 360º camera recordings of talent into photo-realistic 3D tracked AR assets that can be leveraged within any AR, XR, and virtual studio workflow.  


Pixotope Fly

Pixotope Fly

Pixotope Fly is a unique first-of-its-kind tracking solution that dramatically simplifies creating and tracking augmented reality elements with drones and cable cameras.

The markerless technology eliminates the complex set up and creative constraints imposed by tracking markers, enabling productions and live events to engage audiences with dynamic real-time aerial graphics.


MOS-based Newsroom System Integration

MOS-based Newsroom System Integration

Pixotope now offers a journalist-driven, automated broadcast pipeline for all NRCS users.

The solution comprises a fully featured MOS gateway, an HTML 5 journalist plugin, and full control over the show's playlist.

Show attendees can see a demonstration of an end-to-end workflow with the OpenMedia newsroom system.

SEE Pixotope XR Edition

on Unilumin booth C2316


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